Australia, along with Russia is the only country in the developed world not to have a Fuel Efficiency Standard. Today  the Federal Government closes its submissions round on ideas to achieve the standard, the next step will be to reveal its conclusions in December.

One issue fairly unique to the Australian vehicle market is the love of Ute style vehicles.  No one to date has done much to provide an EV version for our market, but Brisbane company ROEV have a solution.

With both 2WD and 4WD drive options and some of the beefiest batteries available they reckon they have cracked the solution for Aussie ute owners.

Just like in the past you could convert your thirsty V8 to LPG, now it looks to be possible to convert to Electric power.  ROEV claim they can create dual purpose assets that are great to drive and can power your worksite or tools and help generate income whilst balancing the energy grid.

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Produced By: Martin Davies

Featured In Story: Lenny Cucksey

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 31 May 2023