2DRY FM 2022 End of Year Update

2022 kicked off with a welcome back barbecue with over 60 people in attendance after 2DRY FM hired its first ever employee, a Station Manager. Excitement for community radio was at a high and what followed was a huge year for our little community radio station.

The Station Manager position was created to ease the administrative burden on a handful of 2DRY FM volunteers and funded by a Development & Operations grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

With a part time staff member 2DRY FM is now able to attend events, committees and community sessions during business hours, when previously most volunteers were unavailable.

In 2020, 2DRY FM’s CBAA Health Check identified station priorities to:

  • Grow our membership base
  • Engage and retain new volunteers and
  • Strengthen policies, procedures, priorities and governance at the station.

Some of this work had begun in 2021 including accessing funds to employ a Station Manager, this work has continued extensively through 2022 with our Station Manager on board.

2022 Highlights

  • Winner of CBAA 2022 Best New Program for Out in the Outback
  • 4 new regular programs
  • 2 seasonal coverage of local sport
  • 64 new members
  • 10 new active volunteers
  • 30 new community members engaged
  • 14 Outdoor Broadcasts
  • 6 Days of in-Studio special programming
  • 6 stories in the Barrier Truth
  • 5 additional mentions in the Barrier Truth
  • 3 interviews with local ABC Radio
  • 2 Stories on 7 Spencer Gulf News
  • new Partnerships with local buiness’s and sponsors
  • Future projects Funded by new grants
  • Interviews with a wide range of community members including: Politicians, Visiting Artists, Local musicians, LGBTIQA Community, First Nations Community, Youth, People with Disabilities

Listen back on some of our special programs

Day of Disability Special Broadcast

NAIDOC Interviews

Broken Heel Highlights Reel

International Women’s Day Broadcast

International Women’s Day Broadcast

Read the full end of year update below