We’re kicking off a month of special events to raise funds to keep our wonderful community radio growing! Help us see what we can raise in our first ever fundraising campaign!

2DRY FM’s strategic plan defines our vision to be a dedicated community broadcaster that reflects the culture of, and is strongly supported by, our community.

In the past 18 months 2DRY FM’s has greatly increased activities in in line with our vision. Growth in areas such as:

  • Programming eg. live Footy Commentary, The Youth Times, Washed Away, Water Watch, The drive home with Arliah, Have a crack, Lunchtime with Lachlann as well as all the wonderful programs that have been running for many years.
  • New volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds in our community
  • 21 live event broadcasts (markets, Christmas pageant, live gigs, Broken Heel Parade etc.)
  • 7 days of special programming
  • Tripled our membership base

And now our running first ever fundraising campaign to keep our station growing.

Funds raised through the radiothon will go to the 2DRY operations budget. These funds are allocated and managed by the board and typically includes items such as:

  • Licensing Fees
  • Insurance
  • Bills and utilities
  • Maintenance of assets (microphones, transmission equipment, computers etc)
  • Management
  • Planning for a financially secure future

Community radio is not-for-profit and operates in a resource constrained environment.

At the conclusion of this event we are proud to say we raised $5714 towards our station. Thanks to everyone who donated, volunteers and joined us for all the fun of this radtiothon!