2DRY FM is running a 5 day radio intensive for people 24 years and under!

This program will blend theory and practise to give aspiring radio and podcast stars everything they need to go from zero to pro! 

  • Day 1: Getting started in Community Radio (required for all on air presenters)
  • Day 2: Broadcast Law and Scripting (required for all talks shows) 
  • Day 3: Hosting and Interviews
  • Day 4: Editing and production
  • Day 5: Pitch a program, Opportunities and Review skills

Note: Repeat sessions of Day 1 & 2 available upon request

Dates: Jan 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th & 25th
10am – 2.30pm students welcome to stay un the studio until 5pm for independent learning.

Lunch provided.

Registrations essential, no experience necessary.

Delivered at the Centre for Community 200 Beryl Street, Broken Hill



This program is made possible with funds from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. We thank them for their generous support.